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Tips for regaining child custody

One of the most upsetting experiences Florida parents can go through is losing custody of their children, whether this happens as a result of divorce or in some other circumstance. Children may be placed with the other parent, with relatives or even in foster care. However, there are things parents can do to try to regain custody of their children.

Planning for the school year after a divorce

Parents in Florida who decide to divorce may be concerned about how their decision to end their marriage could affect their children's education. Every new school year is accompanied by change and the excitement and apprehension that can surround it, and it also brings new teachers, classes and even friends. When parents have divorced before their kids go back to school, there are opportunities to bring these times of transition together in order to support the children and their academic achievement.

The Pitt/Jolie custody battle enters new stage

Many Floridians know that divorce issues between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been hitting the national news for two years now. The pair recently consulted with a child custody evaluator, and they may have finally come to an agreement regarding the custody of their six kids. While those details have not yet been released, it is assumed the Pitt and Jolie understanding could be temporary. Right now, however, there is no need for a previously scheduled custody hearing.

Preparing to co-parent after divorce

For divorced parents in Florida, adjusting to co-parenting can be a complicated transition. Even when parents try their best to protect the kids from emotional fallout, divorce can be difficult for everyone in the family. Children may feel like they need to take a side between their parents, and it can be disorienting to shift lifestyles along with homes on a frequent basis. In many cases, parents can also struggle emotionally and feel a sense of competition or frustration with the other parent.

Co-parenting basics that may minimize child custody issues

A divorce between Florida parents with young children is often accompanied by the need to develop a healthy and productive co-parenting arrangement. Regardless of the reasons why the marriage is ending, most parent are advised to keep the best interests of their children in mind. Unless there is an obvious safety risk, it's often better for the child if parents avoid alienating each other, even if the process was contentious.

How parents can work together after a divorce

When parents in Florida get a divorce, they will usually still need to maintain some sort of relationship as coparents. Courts take the position that unless there are serious issues such as neglect or abuse, children should spend time with both parents. However, a smooth co-parenting relationship can require some effort.

How substance abuse can impact child custody

Single parents in Florida may become very concerned if they learn that their co-parent is abusing alcohol or drugs. In some cases, substance use disorders can lead to actions that are harmful or dangerous to children. If a drug problem becomes a big enough concern, the family court may get involved with a custody situation.

What to know about terminating parental rights

Parents in Florida and throughout the country may be asked to terminate their parental rights. This can be done in situations when a parent doesn't seek out a relationship with a child or is perceived to be a danger to a son or daughter. If a parent does choose to terminate his or her rights to a child, it generally means the end of child support payments from that person.

Film looks at race, poverty and child support

Child custody and support can be challenging issues for divorced or separated Florida parents, especially where issues with the system intersect with poverty and racism. The documentary "Where's Daddy?" seeks to explore the child support system and how it affects black families, particularly fathers. While a great deal of attention is often paid to the large amount of child support debt that exists across the country, the relationship to poverty can be striking.

Voluntary and involuntary processes of establishing paternity

Children in Florida potentially have much to gain when their fathers are identified within official records. In addition to gaining the opportunity to know his or her father, a child could become eligible to receive child support from him. If his or her father dies, the child could also qualify for Social Security death benefits or perhaps an inheritance. For these reasons, a family might wish to establish paternity regardless of the father's willingness to participate.

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